Leno vs. Fallon

Comcast is itching to get Jay Leno off The Tonight Show so they can have a younger face to compete with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

A no brainer, right?

More like no brains.

It’s right to put young entertainers on as the 80 million Millennials come of age, but they’re missing a big, bad unexpected consequence.

Learn from their coming mistake – don’t let this happen to you.

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  1. How to get younger without firing your popular older talent to do it.
  2. Why NBC will be blindsided by its decision to turn Leno loose.
  3. The one mitigating factor that makes the late night decision wrong no matter what NBC – or for that matter, or ABC does.
  4. How CBS CEO Les Moonves who has the oldest, grumpiest late night talent in Dave Letterman is outsmarting the other networks.
  5. Why you must never, ever violate one important rule when trying to go younger – or pay the price NBC is about to pay.

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