Last Call For Philly

I am heading back to Philadelphia this weekend to present my fifth annual Media Solutions Conference next week on Wednesday March 26th.

You’ve been reading the special content in this space about the 7 critical issues we will cover together. 

And if you’re worried about whether you will be able to hear it all, not to worry.  There is one main presentation – not separate sessions.  You get 100% of what you paid for.

You just have to be there as we cover the issues that are most important for the rest of the year to radio and digital entrepreneurs.

  • How much digital and how much radio – where to spend your time and money as advertisers reshuffle their priorities.
  • Learn More FM Philadelphia owner Jerry Lee’s system for helping advertisers make more effective commercials which is how his station grows revenue exponentially every year.  (And an optional offer to have More FM test your first 10 commercials should you want to adopt this program for your stations until you get comfortable with it).
  • The one thing that will improve ad results by 30% -- and this tip is proven and free to those working with us next week.  Jerry Lee will be there to explain and field questions.
  • We’re going to take the four biggest listener complaints about radio – the ones getting in the way of growing radio audiences among younger demos – and we’re going to respond and fix them.  I’ve got some plans to get the conversation started.  We’ll brainstorm together. 
  • How to guarantee a plus 4% increase in revenue or higher for 2014 by getting into a new kind of short form video.  I’m prepared to play the best short form videos for you, explain how they work, show how the cost is minimal and the payoff great.  But you’ll need the right topics.  Let’s get to that, too.  One digital entrepreneur you will see earns $3 million a year from her free videos and does no commercials, product placement, banner ads or subscription charges.  So how does she make millions of dollars, her secret will be revealed for you to use.  Another is a teenager who earns the type of income a radio station would love to earn by not thinking like a radio station.
  • What to do next about social media now that Facebook, Twitter and even other newer networks have an earlier expiration date than we thought. You’ll learn how to use Facebook and Twitter as tools in an entirely new way and pave the way for something even bigger that you can control and monetize.
  • This meeting may change the course of your business because you will come away with 6 specific things young audiences insist upon or they’re not going to even listen.  These 6 things have changed my media business in ways I could never have imagined.  I will share these observations from my work as a USC Professor focusing on generational media.
  • A strategy for time shifting radio.  The digital systems in cars are allowing drivers to record 25 minutes of radio, but voice tracking isn’t going to be one of the things they record for later playback.  The plan you will learn is so compelling that you will avoid the mistakes of time shifted radio.  Time shifting is here thanks to Netflix and DVRs.  It’s no longer an option to only broadcast 24/7.  And repurposing on-air material will not get you to where you need to go.  This will.
  • What to do with baby boomers.  There are 75 million still kicking.  Focus on them or bail out and just go for Millennials.  The answer is complicated and so far no radio station is getting it right thus jeopardizing their ability to grow either audience.  What you’re going to learn on this topic will help you rethink and retool for radio in the complicated age of baby boomers and Millennials.

Jerry Lee is giving away the secret to growing radio revenue without necessarily adding more clients. 

Sean Hannity will join us in person not to talk politics but the opportunities ahead for radio with Millennial listeners.  He is doing some impressive work in this area you probably don’t know about. 

Michael Harrison is the most quoted radio person by the consumer press because he sees future trends before most.  Let’s ask him about the future of radio, digital, talk, news and music. 

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in person. 

It will be my pleasure to meet you in person in Philly March 26th.

Join the radio executives and digital entrepreneurs who have already reserved their seats.

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If you’d like to stay on-site at The Rittenhouse Hotel, mention you’ve registered for the “Media Solutions Conference”.  Call 800-635-1042 and ask for Alyson Lurie.