Kaufman Thrown Under iHeart’s Bus

Happy Thanksgiving to iHeart’s John Kaufman, one of the few qualified managers in the company – thrown under the bus on the eve of a four day holiday weekend so no one notices.

Well, I noticed.

Pittman and Bressler are now circling the wagons to protect themselves and anyone more qualified than themselves has to go.

This is just the beginning of a last ditch effort to save their necks.

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  1. Yikes! Another iHeart reorganization this time with a vengeance.
  2. Let’s see – why would Pitman fire perhaps the most qualified executive in the company with all that business background.
  3. The new Fab Four – the executioners of lives and careers have been designated.       I name them. Know the enemy.
  4. How revenue managers created to stop sellers from cutting rates will now be operating without Kaufman, their leader and founder.
  5. The big bang! Reorganization first, then thermonuclear disruption of local iHeart radio clusters that will unnerve just about every employee.

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