iHeart Screwing Family of Employee With Terminal Cancer

Clear Channel changed the wrong name.

There was nothing wrong with Clear Channel.

It’s The Evil Empire that needed changing but sad to report iHeart still has no heart and they’re apparently still up to their old tricks.

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  1. Punishing a top major market employee because they have an issue with her husband, an ex-employee.
  2. How iHeart just hired an employee who lost a $16.57 million lawsuit in his previous job for the death of a listener while serially attacking a terminal prostate cancer victim, ex-employee and husband of a current employee.
  3. Phones bugged, computers hacked – the usual dirty tricks.
  4. Death threats allegedly starting about the time this ex-employee outed iHeart.
  5. Alleged blackballing – the worst fear of any ex-employee at the mercy of The Evil Empire.

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