iHeart Fibbing About Revenue Projections

Pittman and Bressler better hope no one does a document dump on their financials.

Publicly, they are saying iHeart is making money hand over first.

And a mysterious $800 million stash Bressler recently bragged about.

No one calls them out.

But sources close to iHeartMedia corporate say it’s all lies.

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  1. Just like on The Price Is Right, guess how much iHeart’s most important LA cluster will be off year to year – without going over the actual retail price!
  2. Big lie number two – about their other stations.
  3. As incredible as it may seem, co-CEO Richard Bressler’s stroke of genius to solve the revenue problem.
  4. Take a quick guess – how much is iHeart dropping its rates in LA (CBS is at 50% off).
  5. How iHeart plans to avoid paying sales related severance.

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