Fake News

They’re making a big thing about the fake news that has been trying to influence voters on Facebook.

That’s bad enough, but you don’t have to blame only Facebook.

CNN has fake news.

It’s a pee-r factory for Hillary Clinton and us Bernie supporters will never go with them to parts unknown with Anthony Bourdain.

MSNBC is so in the tank for the Democrats that they make Fox News look mainstream.

In fact, is it my imagination or is Fox News moving to the center?

The New York Times publisher all but apologized for their political coverage promising better but the next day it was the same slanted viewpoint in their news coverage.

The Washington Post under Jeff Bezos is great if you’re a 1999 liberal. They are working overtime to report the news from the left and it’s unreadable because you know they wouldn’t go this far to disparage Hillary Clinton had she won.

The Huffington Post is so embarrassing in their coverage of women’s issues and politics that you’d think they were waging gender warfare. And they hate Trump which is fine except don’t go there for real news.

And Drudge is still the aggregator-in-chief or should I say agitator-in-chief who can actually elect a president if he wants to – and he just did. Drudge mostly draws on articles from the right but artfully includes liberal biased newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post in his mission to destroy the left.

All-news radio is non-existent unless you like garden reports and bullshit that can be wrapped around one of the many commercials they run which is why only real old people listen to all-news.

And the disgrace of all disgraces is the demise or self-immolation of talk radio which seems to have gotten the message from owners that it exists to fill up air time on AM stations only seniors listen to.  

Talk radio hasn’t changed a thing in decades – just like their audience. And you wonder why radio has managed to kill off one of its best formats.

There is only one thing that is real.

One thing that is authentic.

One thing remains untarnished by bias and biased reporting.

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