Expert on Millennials Presenting at 2017 Media Solutions Lab

I can think of no one who knows more about Millennials than Morley Winograd who along with Michael Hais, a former Frank Magid researcher, wrote the book on the topic.

In fact, they wrote three.

I met Morley when I was a professor at The University of Southern California.  He is a professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business.

So here’s my assignment for Morley.

Take all that you know about Millennials and extrapolate how their values and needs coincide with what radio has to offer.

Millennials are notorious for not having a relationship with radio the way their Baby Boomer parents do.

So what does it take?

What’s their sweet spot?

If it is something radio can do, how can we do it better?

No more flying blind.

But Morley’s understanding of all generations including Gen Xers (about 44 million) and Baby Boomers (79 million) will help to clarify what their needs are as well.

For example, we know Xers are the prime market for podcasts, but podcasting is not a revenue stream for radio.  In fact, it is a distraction.

Baby Boomers are aging but they still populate in numbers equal to Millennials.  Only last year did Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers for the first time.

Are Boomers going to listen to classic hits or Rush Limbaugh into their graves or are their ways to attract them along with the interests, of say, Gen Xers and make that package marketable.

As far as Millennials go, is it even possible for radio to attract them in big enough numbers to ensure radio’s viability going forward?

Any chance of getting them away from Spotify and streaming services?

If they don’t want or need traffic and rely on their own devices for news, use social media as a replacement for talk, what does radio for Millennials look like?

This is my 8th learning conference.

I don’t believe sitting there and not being expert on the specific challenges of the radio industry is a good use of time.

I hope you’ll join the executives who investing a day to get current on the issues that really matter to the future of radio.

Curriculum for 2017: 

  • Reducing High Advertiser Churn w/MoreFM’s Jerry Lee
  • Strategies for Ending Rampant Rate Cutting
  • Attracting Millennial Listeners w/Morley Winograd
  • Rebuilding Eroding Radio Audiences
  • The Morning Show of the Future
  • Eliminating the 3 Biggest Listener Objections to Radio
  • Listen Longer Strategies
  • Solutions to Commercial Clutter
  • Digital That Makes Money
  • Underground AM Stations
  • Podcasting, Yes or No? 

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