Entercom’s 2-Minute Commercial Promise

Entercom is the first major company to actually try to reduce burdensome commercial stop sets – and for that they should be congratulated.

But will it actually work?

Read on before deciding to make changes before the 2-minute promise comes to your market – which it will.

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  1. What is better than reducing your two long stop sets to 2 minutes, three times an hour.  Yes, better.
  2. How to get advertisers to pay more for less instead of allowing them to bid down your spot rate by adding digital – this works, jump on it.
  3. The one mistake not to make under any circumstances when you decide to cut your commercial loads – and you’ll have to or else you don’t have a chance competing with pure plays.
  4. What type of advertising Millennials will actually listen to and even crave.
  5. The thing that is even more important than cutting commercial loads – you must do both to remain viable but don’t overlook this.

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