Dickey Up To No Good

When Lew Dickey starts running at the mouth in public, it’s time for station employees to run for cover.

Everything is all-good at Cumulus if you believe his spin.

But after Nashing everyone to death about how great things were going to be this year at Cumulus, stupid solutions have run their course.

Or have they?

Don’t buy a car or house if you work for this guy, as you’re about to see.

So here’s what I think Lew is up to.

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  1. Expect an announcement soon about an initiative that will enable a deep across the board personnel cutback in one bold move.  Details.
  2. What scary condition investors are demanding if they decide to front Cumulus the money to make the CBS Radio acquisition this year. 
  3. Here comes the hammer!  Top ten market managers are under the gun for declining ratings and revenue.  Here’s what’s likely to happen to the people working for them.
  4. Watch for Dickey to rip a page right out of Bob Pittman’s playbook when he is forced to announce declining revenues for the fourth quarter of 2013.
  5. What response to expect for the company’s unusually bad ratings free fall.

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