Cumulus’ Mr. Mean Genes Strikes Back

Mr. Mean Genes has become The Town Clown of radio.

Cumulus CEO Desperate Lew Dickey is losing employees at a record rate and thinks suing them helps him recruit better replacements.

But believe it or not, Dickey’s days are numbered.  

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  1. Why a desperate March Madness revenue-raising scheme backfired.
  2. How long-suffering employees are beginning to standup to Mr. Mean Genes.
  3. He can’t even keep super top executives – here’s a big departure Dickey failed to mention while he was bragging about his accomplishments – but we will.
  4. Mr. Mean Genes has replaced 40 of 55 Citadel managers so what’s in store for the 15 remaining survivors.
  5. What’s “compensation day expiration” and why is this self-inflicted policy making it hard to hire people for needed jobs.
  6. And the Big Question!  How long before Dickey gets his comeuppance.

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