Cumulus Is Ready To Make a Big Move

This affects thousands of radio employees.

And it will redraw the radio dial.

All the pieces are now in place.

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  1. Why Lew Dickey personally recruited a key figure Cumulus needs to disrupt the radio industry as we presently know it.
  2. How Dickey plans to get around ownership limits when Cumulus buys CBS Radio – sorry CBS employees, Uncle Lew wants you.
  3. The unorthodox way Cumulus will handle the “necessary” spinoffs of CBS stations.
  4. Two ominous signs – one from Cumulus, one from CBS that is undeniable proof that a wedding is in their future.
  5. Why some say Cumulus is no longer going to be a radio company.

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This article was made possible by information from several sources close to the situation. When you report news, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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