Clear Channel’s Employee Survey Sneak Attack


The real reasons why Clear Channel – a company that fired 3% of its workforce just 7 weeks ago – is so hell bent to make employees take their online survey.

The one that has almost no one complying to date.

The one that Clear Channel executives are getting pushy about now.

Why did Bob Pittman and John Hogan all of a sudden take a “nice” pill?

You’re about to find out.

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  1. How Clear Channel honchos are now starting to bully employees into taking the survey.
  2. What’s the giveaway – the one big mistake Clear Channel appears to be making that makes employees think their comments will be tracked.
  3. Two ways the information could be used against unsuspecting employees if they make the mistake of answering the questions.
  4. How taking the survey could help the company decide who stays and who goes in the next round of RIFs (reductions in force).
  5. When the RIFs will startup again – they are becoming more urgent and you’ll want to know the earlier date that is being discussed. 

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