Clear Channel’s Bailout Plan

Prepare for Bob Pittman’s plan to reduce debt and get owners Lee & Bain’s money off the table.

You’re thinking, wait a minute Jerry, their revenue is declining and they are deep in debt.

No problem.

Pittman is beginning to signal to the investment community his big move.

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  1. The plan to turn the declining revenue of his radio group into a positive.
  2. How the Pittman exit plan for Clear Channel will affect those still employed.
  3. What Clear Channel is tantalizing Wall Street with.
  4. The giveaway – here’s how Pittman will rescue Clear Channel from $21.5 billion in debt.
  5. What’s up with Pittman talking so much about Pandora lately. 
  6. What Clear Channel radio will look like by the end of 2015.
  7. And the biggest revelation of all?  How the bailout plan impacts employees in the radio division.

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