Clear Channel’s 0.5% Cutback Is Not Enough

Turns out an additional 0.5% personnel cutback added to other firings just two weeks into this year are not going to be enough to get Clear Channel out of the red.

Employees are unsettled.

Management is huddling to meet with Pittman this week on what drastic steps are next.

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  1. What Clear Channel absolutely forbade their execs and managers to do in the last 2 months of 2013 – talk about cheap.  Gives you an idea of what is next.
  2. Why morale is at the lowest ebb ever and the thing Clear Channel plans to do about it.
  3. The absolutely startling statement corporate Revenue Senior VP Amit Aggarwal made in a revenue management conference call after John Hogan’s firing that had participants running out to buy Depends.
  4. How, of all things, lowly Pandora is turning out to bite Bob Pittman on the butt although you won’t be hearing Pittman mention it on CNBC.
  5. Who didn’t make their numbers and how they are going to pay for it.

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