Clear Channel Stealth Firings Begin Today

What if I told you around 50 or so radio stations are going to eliminate an on-air position today?

Would you call that a layoff?

These radio groups would call it a sendoff and they’ve got cheatin’ on their minds.

If you’re looking to keep up with the devious new ways companies like Clear Channel and Cumulus are planning to use to fire lots of folks and not even have you notice, read on.

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  1. How 50 (maybe more) on-air people will be eliminated this morning on a stealth layoff.
  2. The dangerous new practice of mixing format DNA to create programs that claims lots of jobs.
  3. The next innovative and devious way to empty a radio station of air personalities – it’s happening this morning and will likely continue all year.
  4. What happens when dangerous and powerful radio CEOs start meddling in programming – that’s happening this morning, too.
  5. What is the disease known as “The Elvis Duran Syndrome” – check for the symptoms because as you’ll see there is no cure.

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