Clear Channel Readies New Ways To Fire People

Look out! 

It’s coming.

Clear Channel has been methodically setting the stage for some (more than one) massive layoffs this year.

That’s why they forced employees to take the online survey about work conditions a few months back.

And that’s why they just a few days ago, put the second piece in place to allow them a wider range of firing possibilities for the next round.

I’ve gone over the document thanks to a number of newstipsers (and newly installed members in my witness protection program).

Here’s some of the stuff to look out for.

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  1. Awful new spying rules that gives the Eye in the Sky the ability to track employees’ every move – and fire them at will.
  2. Why a previously little known new rule that gives employees who want to report wrongdoing is a Trojan Horse that may see the end their career if they try it.
  3. What happens from now on if a Clear Channel employee takes a second job?
  4. Why their new rules on ethical selling only apply to employees and not corporate dealmakers who can get special waivers to get around them.
  5. Plus, which new corporate “gotchas” should Clear Channel employees be aware of.
  6. What about the timing of these new trumped up rules – why now?

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