Clear Channel Employee Crackdown


Those cheap bastards at Clear Channel will let Bob Pittman and his warlords travel private and live high off the hog while clamping down on legitimate employee expenses.

I’ve seen the outrageous memo from Richard Simon Legree Bressler and it’s a new low even for them.

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  1. What Clear Channel executives say is not being said in the just-released 33-page revision of travel and entertainment that’s even worse than what’s in it.
  2. What is likely to happen the first time these rules are obediently followed by Clear Channel employees.  The very first time!  You’ve been warned.
  3. What employees now get to spend on meals when visiting New York City and how they determined even lesser amounts for other cities.  Lunch in Fargo?  They have a new pull-down calculator for that.
  4. Why employees at Entercom, Cumulus and even CBS should be worried about Clear Channel’s new harsh T&E rules.
  5. Oh no!  What happens if corporate rejects a Clear Channel executive for a company credit card. 
  6. From the memo:  their idea of airport parking, refilling a rental car fuel tank, how they won’t accept your credit card statement as proof of reimbursement and the laughable section on baggage fees.

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