Clear Channel Advertiser Spyware

Bob Pittman’s office “mist tunnel” – now that’s funny.

After all, pompous asses need to be exposed.

But installing secret software to spy on your advertisers?

That’s NOT funny.

Nor is the Clear Channel corporate memo just sent to test markets explaining how this devious invasion of privacy is going to proceed.

If you work for Clear Channel, you can see what is being beta tested in some markets because it’s coming to you next.

If you’re a competing radio company, as I’m about to explain, this is going to ruin things for you, too.

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  1. How far the secret Clear Channel software goes in snooping on their station advertisers, prospects and sales proposals.  This can’t be legal.
  2. How the Clear Channel sales spy software invades the privacy of market competitors.
  3. The main screen Bob Pittman’s henchmen can now view and what they can click on to tracks sales activity.
  4. Why Clear Channel competitors had better stop this latest Pittman brain fart in its tracks and how it will ruin things for them, too.  In fact, that may be one of the reasons Clear Channel is doing this.
  5. Even creepier – how the spy software even allows sellers to snoop on each other.
  6. The stern warning that Clear Channel gave its employees in the secret memo.

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