CBS Acting More Like Clear Channel

In Sunday’s Super Bowl game, could you imagine coach Pete Carroll eliminating Richard Sherman and go without the team’s top cornerback.

Field just 10 players instead of the permitted 11 to save having to pay Sherman his salary.

Sounds foolish, doesn’t it?

CBS’ dirty little secret is out – that’s exactly what they are now doing.

As you’re about to see, cheap tricks and cruel cutbacks that had been previously off limits at CBS Radio are game on today.

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  1. From big name personality one day to weekend part-timer the next.  The big market it happened in last week.  Thank you for your service, but you no longer exist.
  2. Why CBS is heading to “morning” shows instead of morning shows with actual personalities worth promoting.  I’ve got a link for you that shows you the future.
  3. Why you should beware of “interim” morning show hosts on CBS.  Remember that term – “interim”.
  4. 8 clear signs that CBS has changed for the worst and where it is headed.
  5. More Clear Channel-type commission cuts just last week – what’s that all about?  Didn’t they just cut commissions last year?
  6. Bad News!  CBS is now using digital to undercut its own rates to compete with cheaper buys.  Up to 50% in some markets. 
  7. Why CBS employees are getting the creeps knowing that CBS doesn’t have any debt and doesn’t have to act like Clear Channel or Cumulus to cut costs like this.

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