Career Crisis For Radio Execs

I’m depressed over the surprisingly widespread layoffs now under way at CBS Radio.

This is chilling.

You expect Lew Dickey to knife people because he is truly an executive born of investment bank radio.

He would never be chosen from a lineup by Disney or for that matter CBS in years gone by.

Now CBS is mimicking Cumulus. 

They are firing salespeople – makes no sense because if there is one thing CBS needs is increased sales.

You can also see the programming talent being led to the door.

It begs the question, what kind of industry is radio going to be when its leaders are operating a strip and sell strategy?

I believe smaller, audience-focused local radio groups can still make money.  I have one of their leaders, Jerry Lee, teaching at my upcoming seminar. 

But you can’t do even great radio today without a second stream of simultaneous smart digital revenue.

So when we get together face-to-face in Philly I am going to show you the best ways to do great radio and stay profitable in a industry that is fighting to break even.

But don’t stop there.

These stations may want to use their considerable content creating and marketing skills to start dominating digital media.  Or, you may be an entrepreneur skilled in radio and interested in new frontiers.

Let me just say it – get into video as soon as you can.

  • Growth opportunities in the hottest area of media content (forget that you’re a radio station and want to amp up your efforts).
  • How the entrepreneur I’m going to tell you about makes $3 million a year from short-form video without commercials, banner ads, product placement fees or paid subscriptions – Learn this plan!
  • Why you never want to create a video longer than this – the sweet spot for video length this year – yes, it just changed again.
  • What is the hottest topic for making money in short-form video – you’ll never guess but the evidence is growing.
  • How to monetize, market and distribute video mobile content

This is the fifth year we are doing our Media Solutions Conference for people who love this business and want to acquire more of the skill sets to be ready for what is next.

Will you consider it?

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