All Out Radio Rebellion

Employees of companies like Clear Channel and Cumulus are madder than hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

There is evidence everywhere that as much as suffering radio people would like to keep their jobs, they’re increasingly walking away from abuse, neglect and no pay raises.

Maybe it’s the economy getting better.

Or maybe it’s their employers getting worse.

Here is some documented evidence of a monumental change that can even hurt two arrogant consolidators who think they can fire people and get to keep the best of the best.

Now the best are heading for the door.

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  1. What consolidator is now down to just 7 salespeople in a multi-station cluster with red ink all over the company.
  2. The major issue that is finally pissing people off so much that they want to exit radio – even without another job lined up.
  3. New evidence that top management is fleeing.
  4. The handwriting on the wall – what is making radio people give up.
  5. My latest updated list of the best companies – the ones I would work for as well as the ones that are riskier.  You already know the two to avoid.

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