Advertisers Punishing Clear Channel Sales RIFs

Bob Pittman has met the enemy and it is the very advertisers and agencies he needs to keep his job.

Advertisers are revolting in protest over Clear Channel’s recent sales RIFs.

They don’t want their MTV. 

They want their sellers back.

And wait until you see how they are hitting Pittman below the belt.

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  1. How advertisers are retaliating against Clear Channel.
  2. How Pittman’s RIF plan is also hurting his competitors and all of radio.
  3. How effective this agency revolt is after just a few weeks.
  4. The one thing that tripped off this agency revolt and the sales RIF was only part of it – it’s what happened next that made the advertisers go for blood.
  5. Will Pittman back off – you may be surprised at the answer.

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This article was made possible from sources close to the situation at Clear Channel. When you have news to report, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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