5 Secrets of Radio’s Survival in the Digital Age


No sooner than Billboard decides to include YouTube listening in its chart compilation then one day later a viral video that has been out since last spring becomes the number one popular song overnight.

What happened to radio?

And what’s going to happen to radio if it doesn’t heed the 5 sacred secrets of survival in the digital age.

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  1. Radio’s answer to Pandora, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.  Unfortunately, they’re not doing it.
  2. Then, the “magic pill” that can transform radio into the digital age.
  3. The one thing not to do on a radio station above and beyond playing the same old hits over and over again if you want to win listeners under 30 years old.
  4. How to take your radio station viral – just like YouTube does.
  5. Why you do not want to be swayed by the one thing that will be the death of music radio.

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