28 Solutions To Radio’s Toughest Challenges

Here is a sample of some of the take home pay you can expect from my March 18th Media Solutions Conference in Philadelphia:

  1. The changes you need to make to attract several million visitors to your station website each month – and best of all, how to start developing followers who currently don’t listen to your on-air programming.
  2. The best way to do commercial stop sets – the maximum sweet spot for length and where to slot them.
  3. The one type of radio commercial Millennials don’t just like, they love. This gives you extra, added ammunition if you are pitching advertisers aiming for the younger money demo.
  4. Ways to get audiences to buck the downward time spent listening trend since the early 90’s and listen longer.
  5. What works better than non-stop music sweeps for keeping listeners tuned in.
  6. A better replacement for tired morning show staples (that are easier to get on smartphones) – traffic, transit and weather. And you can sell them.
  7. How to play hardball with Millennials who have tuned you out by targeting their three favorite interests – employment, college loans and themselves.
  8. The one contest that will even get a Millennial to stay riveted to a commercial radio station in 2015.  Believe it or not, it’s not cash.
  9. Why building a YouTube studio in your radio station is a shrewd way to attract younger listeners to radio – oh, and it can be a profit center.
  10. How to stem tune-out by 30% & simultaneously increase billing by 15%.
  11. The thing you can put in the middle of commercial stop sets that will force listening to continue.
  12. Why experts now say more frequent stop sets are actually an advantage for today’s attention-deficit audiences.
  13. 2 things you can do that will increase the effectiveness of commercials.
  14. The results of actual station experiments when they made drastic reductions in commercial units aired per hour.
  15. The word you must never say on the air because it makes listeners go bye-bye.
  16. You’ll learn the right mix of how much radio, how much digital.
  17. How to program a music station when today’s typical listener does not even listen to one song all the way through – a result of shorter attention spans at work.
  18. How to contemporize outdated morning shows and the four features listeners can get better on a smartphone.
  19. The best way for radio to compete with digital devices.
  20. The 7 things that Millennials want from their radio station (most stations are giving them none currently).
  21. Strategies for selling against competitors who drop their rates putting you in the previously unwinnable position of having to drop yours, too.
  22. If you had to pick one – and only one digital initiative to focus on for a handsome revenue return – make it this one.
  23. Avoid using social media in an outdated way as Millennials get more private with their social media preferences.
  24. When podcasting will work for radio stations and when storytelling will – they are not the same thing.
  25. Radio djs are perceived by today’s audiences as talking down to them and talking like phonies not real people. How to talk to listeners differently.
  26. Why you should take bingeing seriously even if you’re a radio station and not Netflix. As you’ll see it’s a hot sociological trend that radio can also feed.
  27. The one thing a radio station should never do on social media in 2015 and what works better.
  28. Why it’s best not to promote your station as a brand to younger audiences and what is much more effective and costs nothing.

Here’s the Agenda:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


8:00 am         Registration / Complimentary Breakfast

9:00 am         Solutions to Commercial Clutter
                      How Much Radio / How Much Digital?
                      Listen Longer Strategies
                      Eliminating Radio’s 3 Biggest Objections

10:30 am       Break

10:45 am      Ways To Compete with Online Content
                      What Millennials Want From Radio
                      8 Millennial Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

12 Noon        Complimentary Lunch

1:00 pm        How To Attract Millions To Your Website (Laurie Cantillo interview)

2:15 pm         Break

2:30 pm         Selling Against Competitors Who Drop Rates
                       Innovative Sources of New Radio Revenue
                      Telling Stories – the New Spoken Word
                      Why You Should Pass On Podcasting

3:30 pm        Audience Q & A

4:00 pm        Conference Concludes

This one-day seminar is not available on tape, digitally or by stream.

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Here are program details:

  1. Attracting More Website Visits. WTOP in DC does 2 million every month and 31.8 million page views. So we’re bringing PD Laurie Cantillo in to sit with us and discuss. We can question here together.
  2. Solutions to Commercial Clutter. Look, running 8-minutes of unlistenable commercials every hour is a suicide wish.  I know, they pay the bills.  I’m going to present you with 11 ways to make this problem get better.
  3. How Much Radio, How Much Digital. I can tell you right now I am going to show you the digital initiatives that have no payoff. But you’ll be impressed by the few that do and you’re going to want to jump on them. One costs under $1,000 and is pretty impressive.
  4. Listen Longer Strategies. Radio TSL has been dropping every year since the early 1990s. This calls for disrupting the way we build our hot clocks. I’m going to show you how to throw that hourly clock out and replace it with something better.
  5. Eliminating 2015’s 3 Biggest Listener Objections. Outdated morning shows, too many commercials and repetitious music. Do even one thing on these three listener objections and you’re ahead of the market.
  6. Effective Ways To Compete With On-Demand Content. I am going to play dirty with Millennials developing content they cannot possibly resist about employment, college loans, themselves. We can do this – as you will see.
  7. What Millennials Want From Radio. This list has seven things on it and I can tell you I live by this list every day whether I am talking to Millennials or not.
  8. Selling Against Programmatic Buying. This is essentially bidding down rates so its time to have an action plan to combat it. How to walk from a deal that media buyers ruined by bidding down the rate on a competitor. The secret to getting longer term contracts. A few very smart stations are way ahead of the industry on this.
  9. Start Your Own Short-Form Video Business. Digital shouldn’t be an add-on to what you do on the air.  Do the best on-air radio you can possibly do and a separate stream of revenue from the hottest digital project ever. Let me play some short-form videos for you that are being done by young people who are making more money than most stations do from all their digital initiatives.
  10. Beyond Clicks – Listener Engagement. Social media is changing rapidly from mass audience to small groups of participants. Radio must rethink using social media to promote what’s on the air.   It’s a waste. Let’s talk about what your listeners who “like” you really want.  Which social media site is ascending at the pace of YouTube?
  11. Telling Stories – the New Spoken Word Radio. You don’t have to run a talk station to cash in on storytelling.  And it is highly saleable.
  12. Why You Should Take a Pass On Podcasting. Podcasting is another form of talk radio. It may appeal to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers but it sure hasn’t made any real money. Ask me about storytelling and how it could find its way onto your station – even a music station. Especially, a music station.
  13. 8 Millennial Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make. There are 95 million Millennials out there – the largest generation ever, even larger than the Baby Boom generation. Here are the 7 things Millennials want most from radio.

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