The Tragedy of Emmis Broadcasting

Emmis Broadcasting has been reduced to renting out its big market signals to keep the wolf away from the door. 

Thursday’s rental deal with ESPN in New York and sale of Kiss 98.7’s intellectual property as a result is the last straw.

But it isn’t.

There are things you probably don’t know yet about how bad things are for Emmis and how some other radio broadcasters are also going to be toast in the not too distant future.

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1.  How Sam Zell of Randy Michaels fame could bring Emmis down. 

2.  The interest rate of Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan’s latest loan – but take a seat because you’ve probably never seen a number this high or desperation so great.

3.  Where Emmis is getting the money to stay afloat.

4.  What five other radio companies will either have to grow or go – and do it soon.

5.  Which three groups will be among the few that will be left standing when several more radio companies dissipate and go away and the almost unbelievable scenario for ones that survive.

The answers begin here.

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