The Sellout of EMI

Look no further than the recent sale of EMI’s assets by the investment bank Citigroup to see what fate eventually awaits the radio industry.

It’s going to turn out the exact same way.

With one possible exception – if you are an entrepreneur or innovator, this might be worth watching closely.

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1.  Even now, investment banks are increasing their stake in a handful of consolidated radio companies and the EMI sale will tell you why.

2.  Why banks can invest money in declining industries – what they know that you need to know.

3.  What is now more attractive then selling music or making money on radio station ad sales?  If you already know this, you’re smarter than investment banks think.

4.  The big stick that venture capital has over the record industry and radio.

5.  The end game – what Bob Pittman and Lew Dickey know deep down inside that makes them put people, listeners and even the radio industry second to their dream.  Understand this, and you’ll see the next year ahead clearer than ever.

The answers start here.

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