The Safest & Most Endangered Radio Jobs For 2012

On-air radio talent is marked for extinction as radio consolidators implement their work force reductions in 2012, but who else’s job is in jeopardy and which remaining few are still the safest?

There is new evidence that downsizing is about to take another sharp turn putting many more radio careers on the line.

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1.  The three safe radio careers in the next 12 months.

2.  The best bet for staying employed – at least for the foreseeable future plus some options that may work for you but you will probably not like.

3.  The six most endangered radio careers and why they are endangered. 

4.  Of sales or programming, which one is the safest career in the year ahead?  Don’t be too sure you know the answer to this one.  Things are changing – again.

5.  With all the new news stations that are going live, news should be a growth career this year, right?

6.  The one indispensible, local radio job that – believe it or not – is going to be targeted in 2012.  

The answers start here.

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