The Real Reason Lee & Bain Gave Ryan Seacrest $300 Million

$300 million is far more money than Clear Channel saved by using Ryan Seacrest to replace local talent in 170 markets.

But when Clear Channel’s investors spend that in one day to buy into Ryan Seacrest you know a different kind of radio business is coming.

Here’s what people on the ground are saying about how the Seacrest cash influx will help transform Clear Channel beyond radio.

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1.  Why Clear Channel’s owners are investing $300 million in their signature syndication property.  Sit down for this.

2.  Is there more investment money available from Wall Street for other talent at Clear Channel or elsewhere?  If so, how do you get some of it?

3.  Would Lee & Bain spend $300 million without getting something back in return that they want more than anything else?  You bet.  Here it is.

4.  Why the word radio did not appear even once in the Clear Channel news release yesterday announcing the $300 million Seacrest deal.

5.  Air talent – look out!

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