The Real Cumulus Citadel Merger

The real merger of Cumulus with Citadel isn’t consolidation like radio used to see in the late 90’s.  It’s about a methodical takeover of the radio industry by banking interests who reward losers and punish winners.

This article reveals …

•  A slight opening in the exclusive negotiating window Cumulus is paying Citadel for – it could allow a white knight to save Citadel from Cumulus or it could be a bust.  Here’s how it works.

•  Who could give Cumulus a run for their money at this point.

•  Why the banks are hell bent to create yet another heavily debt ridden radio group.  It defies logic until you read this.

•  The Cumulus end game.  Lew Dickey is out shopping for loans to complete the deal, but here is his plan.

•  What will the merged Cumulus and Citadel look like?  More layoffs?  Lots or a few?  What will happen to Citadel programming?  Management changes.  The corporate setup.   This describes the net result of the Cumulus-Citadel merger.

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