The Radio Axe Is Ready To Fall Again

Hold on tight.

Over the next six months radio consolidators will make drastic personnel cutbacks due to strategies that they’ve been working on behind the scenes that are now ready to roll out.

In fact, one big group couldn’t wait – they started firing big name people yesterday.

If you want to know what the rest of the year is going to look like for radio (and we’ve called just about every move in advance), get off the teasers and subscribe to unlock the story where you’ll learn …

1.  Which group has already started up again to eliminate significant salaries that will no longer be necessary when their computerized software update is up and running?

2.  How Clear Channel is actually making station execs sign their own death warrants in a sense – this is a fascinating study in deceit.

3.  Imagine getting a SurveyMonkey questionnaire in your email and then by the end of that day you must return it and in effect sign off on more moves to cutback and eliminate local radio.  I’ll out the group that’s doing it with all the little details.

4.  If you’re doing this job at Cumulus or Clear Channel, go online right now and check out how to sign up for unemployment benefits.  Sadly, you’re going to need it.  This is massive.

5.  Believe it or not, some stations will be decimated, full staffs fired and syndication installed.  Here are the kinds of facilities most likely to be targeted.

6.  Watch out for the Clear Channel overnight “experiment” where they pipe in Steve Harvey, Elvis Duran and repurposed programming to save money.  But wait, they are already saving money during the overnight hours.  What’s their real plan?  Now you’ll know.

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