The One-Minute Song

There is new research available about just how short attention spans are becoming and these new findings beg the question – are we in the music and media business in touch with our consumers?

This morning, I’ve got some valuable information for the music industry, radio stations and new media about changes in audience attention spans along with a list of things you may want to do to meet their new expectations.

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1. Latest information on a research study of 40 million unique video clips. Guess how fast it took 20% of those viewing these clips to abandon them? You’ll never guess. I was wrong when I tried. Really way off.

2. How a Bud Light Internet-only video lost double the average number of viewers but then with a stroke of magic hooked them for the next four minutes in a commercial that netted almost one million YouTube viewers. I’ll tell you what that stroke of magic is.

3. The antidote for short attention spans – there is one, and it’s probably something musicians, broadcasters and new media ventures are not now doing.

4. My prediction of why the One-Minute Song is coming soon and why in many discreet ways it is here now.

5. Strategies radio programmers can use to cooperate with anxious listeners who don’t want to listen to even an entire song all the way through.

6. Mistakes that are being made right now that are driving listeners away (I’ll lay it out and almost every radio station is doing it). But there is an easy fix.

7. I’ll link you to the study about understanding viewer abandonment trends – it’s downloadable for free. You’ll want this.

Understanding short attention spans just in time to make them work for you, starts here.