The New Clear Channel Ambush

Coming soon to Clear Channel and Cumulus – stealth firings and more brutal tactics then we’ve seen so far.

And I’ve got the details of what went down in the most recent career assassination from a source who is now in my Witness Protection Program.

It isn’t pretty.

Late last week Clear Channel had their way with a 64-year old morning personality who worked for his station for 23 years.

Prior to firing, they allegedly bullied him, set him up, threatened him if he didn’t sign 3 pieces of paper on the spot, then kicked him to the street.

Before that they fired his producer, reportedly drove a wedge between him and his on-air sidekick and got rid of local news and traffic just as a warm up.

This is the way of the future for Clear Channel and Cumulus and employers who follow their lead.

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1.  How this successful, award winning 23-year morning personality was set up, knocked down and forced to either sign a 3-page document admitting to Clear Channel inferences about his work or be fired.  (Believe me, not for an empty stomach).

2.  What was in the three pages that he didn’t sign and you wouldn’t either?  Even if it meant your job.

3.  The Ambush – a timeline of how Clear Channel hunted their victim until they either got him to sign off on their complaints or fire him.

4.  The Legal Bullying – how they approached him, what they allegedly said and did.

5.  Questionable Legal Maneuvers – Why Clear Channel would have been wise to consult a lawyer and why the fired personality probably will.

6.  What were the unreasonable demands?  I’ve got a sampling of them including the one that this personality called “crazy” – and it is.

7.  What are your legal rights they don’t want you to know regarding severance pay and non-competes.  You’ve already made your subscription back in one day.

The answers begin here.