The Hyperlocal Radio Solution

AOL is investing tens of millions of dollars in it.

The giant Google and its competitor, Yahoo!, are already there.


Nowhere to be seen regarding this new push to steal local advertisers from radio and newspapers through hyper-focused local content.

In this article, you’ll get an early warning …

1.  The growing presence of AOL, Google and Yahoo in the hyperlocal media space.

2.  Their strategy to target the very same local advertisers radio stations depend on for their revenue.

3.  The early results and what they may mean to radio operators who want to ramp up their efforts to compete for hyperlocal dollars.

4.  The secret to success.  What promises to work and what we know already does not work in operating hyperlocal media sites. 

5.  Early lessons from one of the few radio operators (a non-profit, at that) that may prove to be critical.

This is an article about a promising new revenue stream for online media giants and a wake-up call to radio to not ignore hyperlocal competition.

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