The Hot New Replacement for Adult Contemporary Radio

Radio stations are dumping adult contemporary formats faster than live audiences are walking out on Charlie Sheen.

Okay, maybe not that fast.

But the latest ratings confirm that AC stations are generally declining and being replaced by a potent format alternative.

All of the strategies I am about to share are also powerful aids to just about any radio format today.

This article reveals what, according to the latest ratings, is the winning new format and digs down to tell you 8 things that these successful stations do to beat their adult contemporary competitors:

1.  What music strategy works best.

2.  How much current music must be played to win.

3.  The “sweet spot decades” for music choice – and the danger zones.

4.  What to do with the weekends.

5.  Do contemporary and hit formats require a morning personality or can you save money.

6.  The condiments, add-ons and embellishments that add a share to your numbers.

7.  What to do with non-news formatic elements.

8.  The online component – what must be done at a minimum online to support new ratings winners on-air.

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