The Group Cumulus Wants To Buy Next


Lew Dickey is not done.

If you work for one of the groups I’m about to mention, consider this a fair warning.

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1.  The radio group Lew Dickey covets most – I’m going to name it – the one observers believe he would like to roll into Cumulus, Susquehanna and Citadel maybe as early as 2012.

2.  The thing Cumulus looks for the most in targeting its climb up to 800 plus stations – the number Clear Channel has that Dickey wants to exceed.  We know it’s not people.  Not even solid formats.  It’s something completely different that will help you fine tune your antenna to predict his next acquisition.

3.  The one other potential group besides Cumulus that might be a bidder for attractive radio groups in the year ahead.

4.  There are two groups that could be prey for Lew Dickey and his financial people in the next 12 months.  If you work at one of the two, you’re probably safe as long as your boss remains the boss.  If you work for the other, all bets are off.

5.  The group that could be in play because they have the same DNA as Cumulus.  If you work there, you’ll want to know.

6.  One owner who absolutely won’t sell – for any price.   Period.

The answers start here.

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