The Future of Online Streaming Radio

Radio stations that routinely stream their on-air formats traditionally have not done well – maybe 3% increases in total audience if that.

But there are new developments you will want to know about – new opportunities that may lie ahead for radio stations who can see the future and respond.

1.  5 new developments you should be aware of that open online streaming for radio operators in a business they should jump into – with both feet.  These strategies are detailed and ready for you to use or hitchhike on today.

2.  The best new thinking on what you should be doing with the online stream of your over the air radio station.  Most operators are making several big mistakes, but you won’t.

3.  How does your local radio station have a chance to compete against Pandora, Rhapsody, eMusic, Slacker or whatever Apple is going to surprise us with next in June?  Well – I’ve got 3 killer strategies right here that are your answer.

4.  What kind of 24/7 radio stream would be a smashing success from day one?  Not only am I going to lay it out – I’m going to lay it out for a sample hour.  You’ll get the feel and will want to brainstorm even more ideas.

5.  How to tie-in to the 30 million iPads that will be in service by year end (there’s over 15 million iPads in use now).  You can’t just do radio on an iPad.  That would be iHeartRadio or one of the many clones of radio broadcasters who don’t see the future.  But this approach will make iPads come alive and even sound like a cash register.

6.  How to take a traditional morning radio show and adapt it for an iPad.  Caution – this is not your father’s radio station.  It’s mashable.  I’m going to take a real live radio personality and show you how he can be number one on his local market’s iPad ratings! 

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