The End of Radio Consolidation

1.  Big layoffs are coming this fall – credible sources say 1,250 of them in one company alone.  I’ll name the company.

2.  The new virtual radio station that is ready to allow consolidators to eliminate more personnel. 

3.  See how one big consolidator plans to use “knockoff brands” to cut the payroll further.

4.  Have consolidators finally hit the wall on more acquisitions or will the configuration of some of the groups substantially change?

5.  The next place consolidators cut costs – as soon as early next year.

6.  The timeframe for the end of consolidation as we know it – plus the business model that will replace what Clear Channel and Cumulus are doing now.

7.  The end game after consolidators finally cut all the costs they can and amass all the stations they are able to.  New options other than operate.

8.  What will happen to Lew Dickey, Bob Pittman, John Hogan and the other evildoers who many say wrecked the radio industry?  One will get off scot-free.  One could be in big trouble.  And the third, well – you’ll slap your knees laughing.  You’ll want to save this piece and use it as a roadmap for the future.

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