The End of Music Downloads

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The new sales figures are out for record sales and 2010 saw the expected huge decline in CD sales, but a more surprising end of growth to legal music downloads.

What does it mean, because it means a lot.

In this article, I am going to share …

1.  Why music is overpriced and what the real current price really is.

2.  Music has a new role in people’s lives.  It’s not the end entertainment destination any longer.  I’ll tell you what the new purpose for music is in a digital world of young consumers.

3.  What effect streaming audio and video is having and will have in the future on music sales.  It’s not what you’re thinking, I’m sure.

4.  The effect of “the cloud” on music sales in light of what Apple is planning to announce just a few months from now.  Why the labels have no defense for Steve Jobs latest predatory move that I will describe here.

5.  YouTube is the new MTV for a new generation but does it have more juice or is it already running its course.  The answer is critical if you’re in broadcasting, music or the mobile Internet.

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