The Death of Cable News

Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs’ secret plan to build a news site expressly for the iPad is a cable news killer.

But it could also be an opportunity for radio.

How so?

Not in that if cable news is crippled, more people will turn to radio again. But in a new way.

Cable viewers skew older, but this new iPad venture between the unlikely duo of Jobs and Murdoch will have to attract younger demographics to have a chance.

However, the plans which I am going to tell you about also offer an early warning to radio operators and ex-radio people who are smart enough to follow the lead of something Jobs and Murdoch call the Daily.

Ignore what is about to happen at your own peril. Here is a blueprint, timeline and specific way radio people or ex-radio people can get a jump on what I think will be a huge growth business.  

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