The Cumulus Cost Cutting & Acquisitions Plan

Something is up at Cumulus – something big. 

Don’t let the quiet fool you.

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1.  All you need to know about a sales commission plan that is being quietly implemented at some Citadel stations that effectively screws the sellers out of their expected and fair profit.

2.  Two new Cumulus programming initiatives that are going into high gear that will now target these two formats.

3.  Something is up with SweetJack, the company’s radio alternative to Groupon – and the one in which Clear Channel is a partner.

4.  First alert on the new Cumulus employee self-evaluation form that some employees think will be used to help the company fire them.  Wait until you see some of these sample questions they are demanding answers to.  How would you answer them?

5.  What Lew Dickey is working on right now to keep the momentum going in his bid to surpass Clear Channel as the world’s largest radio group. 

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