The Coming Advertiser Revolt Against Radio

I can think of many ways that advertising is going to change for radio stations.  You may be able to add more.

The writing is on the wall as you will see, and I have also included some new opportunities to jump on immediately.

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1.  The new trend in media buying that will redefine how stations must sell spots.

2.  Advertisers don’t want what radio stations are selling them – here’s what they want instead.

3.  The best way to walk a media buyer away from taking your on-air spend and give it to digital.

4.  Speaking of digital, the best way a station can sell both digital and on-air together.  The new rules and expectations you’ll have to deal with from now on.

5.  Commercial breaks must be reinvented – buyers are forcing it.  Here’s the best approach.

6.   An entirely new and potentially huge stream of revenue for a radio operator and it’s not digital.  Plus … two more.

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