Thanksgiving Surprise

The bird on your Thanksgiving table isn’t the only turkey that will raise its ugly head in the coming weeks.

A record number of operators are panicking.

Revenue is way off and not tracking up for early next year.

What’s a poor radio owner to do?

Cutback and fire.

It’s all coming to a head around Thanksgiving.

Their secret plans – revealed.

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  1. Which good radio operators are now resorting to dirty tactics.
  2. Which major radio group is planning an ugly Thanksgiving surprise and their employees think they are safe.
  3. What chincy tactic CBS is using right now that will impact its operations for the rest of 2012 and into the New Year.
  4. Which operator is laying the groundwork for a national takeover of local sales.  An eyewitness account.
  5. Exposed!  The radio group that is losing money and turning away substantial business at the same time.
  6. The new competitor not on radio’s radar screen that is planning to blindside operators by invading their local markets and using the old radio sales playbook.

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