Stupid Music and Media Mistakes

Radio and the record industry along with their brethren in TV and print continue to make major strategic mistakes that are so contrary to today’s evolving consumer behavior that they are self-destructive.

Are you making these mistakes or are you smart enough to avoid them?

This article reveals the faulty strategic thinking of radio, music industry and TV networks that are tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot:

1.  What’s the fatal flaw in Sony’s just launched Music Unlimited music service that is aimed at where heavy radio listeners live.  This one – from a company that used to do everything right – explains why Apple is the new Sony.  It’s all you need to know.

2.  Getting upset about the new gatekeepers like Apple, Google and Internet ISPs charging access for their toll road is an emotional argument that even the U.S. Department of Justice is getting into, but what is the one mistake industry executives are making when they get lost in the debate on paying Apple for access to their mobile devices.  This one is important.

3.  Why Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily made-for-iPad app is The Dud.  Three things that the powerful News Corp forgot to do when they designed their groundbreaking newspaper app that they want $50 a year for.

4.  Why do traditional content providers still think they are in charge of your viewer?  Here’s a sorry example of NBC’s attempt to present Hockey Day last Sunday without showing one game all the way through – plus other anti-fan and consumer missteps you’ll want to avoid.

5.  Why do radio and TV stations continue to drive their terrestrial audiences to their websites?  I know, it’s to boost website traffic, but it doesn’t work and in fact, it hurts them in this one very significant way.

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