Sketchy New Clear Channel & Cumulus Tactics Exposed

Clear Channel and Cumulus are doing some pretty sketchy things behind the scenes.

Luckily for them, very few people know about them.

Until now.

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1.  A new way to program multiple stations with virtually the same music and content in virtually the same order without making it a network or syndication thus keeping in “local” in a convoluted way.  Wait until you see this “local” programming trick.

2.  One major group has locked out its local program directors from their computer system.  Here’s the new deal.

3.  Cumulus caves – that’s right, caves — to our pressure to keep one of its promises.  See which one.

4.  A new round of forced endorsements is underway at Clear Channel except as one source reports the product they are being forced to endorse may be harmful to their health.  You can’t make this stuff up.

5.  The 2nd annual iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas sold out within minutes.  But listeners are pissed about how Clear Channel is making it up to them – like getting screwed twice.

6.  How successful are Clear Channel and Cumulus when they cut on-air personalities’ pay by 50% or more.  Here are some actual numbers. 

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