Secret Cumulus Programming Memo Revealed

Cumulus hasn’t learned its lesson – yet!

Starting next week, the money losing company is again clamping down on local programmers in a big way and moving more critical decision making to Atlanta.

A new startling secret memo not meant for public consumption outlines some of the drastic steps the Dickeys plan to take.

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  1. Which one format will be singled out for drastic national programming control. 
  2. How local stations will be neutered under the new plan.
  3. Who will be calling the shots from now on at Cumulus programming – you won’t believe it.
  4. What a “Cattle Call” is – that’s right, their term, not mine and the imagery fits what they are going to make local programmers do.
  5. What decision will be made every week from now on out of Atlanta that will be giving their PDs fits.
  6. What their end game is – and they have one that they think is better than letting their own people run radio stations.

If you would like to see what’s in the just-issued top secret Cumulus memo that will redirect even more local control to Atlanta, click “read more” here. 

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Secret Cumulus Programming Memo Revealed

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