Santa Fagreed and Scrooge Dickey – Bonuses and Coal

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Even under fire from Modern Family’s Cumulus with their unfriendly takeover, Citadel CEO Farid Suleman has somehow found a way to capture the spirit of the season and don a red suit and white beard to play Santa for some Citadel employees this year.

Citadel employees are in shock.

Yes, from that, too!

After all they are shaking in their boots right now at the prospect of Lew Dickey becoming their boss.  Gary Pizzati becoming their handler and Gary Lewis their overseer.  Not to mention Other Brother John doing his imitation of Tommy Smothers (“mom always liked you best”).

Christmas at Citadel is not exactly Miracle on 34th Street.

Times are tough. 

After enduring cutbacks, bankruptcy and corporate arrogance, Citadel workers thought they could just settle in as survivors and find a way to hopefully do their jobs as the professionals they are.

Then, this.

An actual Christmas bonus!

You heard me right. 


Real money – not play.  But, I am told the Citadel bonuses only go to people who are the chosen few. 

On Santa Fagreed’s list of nice not naughty.

But over at Cumulus, the Little Engine that could take over Citadel in the year ahead, it is coal in the stocking for Dickey victims.

Here is the true story that will either warm the cockles of your heart.

(And one of Fagreed’s grateful employees sent me his letter of cheer for everyone to read).