Radio’s Secret Cutback Plans Exposed

Reducing expenses has become a high art form for the greedy bastards at Cumulus and Clear Channel.

It’s almost November – do you know where your job is going?

These two leaders in unemployment have discovered so many more complicated and devious ways to cut expenses.

I’m going to share them with you because they are likely to happen – some time very soon.

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  1. High pressure selling tactics designed more to get employees to quit rather than to motivate them to increase sales.  A case study.
  2. How one consolidator has found a new way to double down on repeater radio.  It’s in place right now and will likely expand over the coming months.
  3. How one radio group is actually playing hardball when their employees do more than they’ve asked them to do.
  4. Why Clear Channel is beginning to send in a new breed of corporate trainers to win air talent and salespeople over to their way of doing things – or else.
  5. How one group is forcing salespeople to piss off their advertisers because this one thing is even more important to them than increasing ad revenue.
  6. Clear Channel’s next big new thing to save high priced talent salaries in one move.
  7. The major strategic programming shift coming to Cumulus stations – it’s starting to happen already.
  8. Forced selling in lousy time periods and new ways to steal big accounts from star salespeople – documented. 

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