Radio’s Last Election

Enjoy the vitriol and shouting. 

Enjoy the ambushes and name calling.

And the big ratings they get!

The November election is radio’s last because listeners have changed, owners are the same cheap bastards and talk show talk hosts are increasingly talking to themselves.

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1.  The prognosis for political advertising beyond 2012.

2.  How consolidators are damaging their best and most profitable talk brands to the point where in four years they will be rendered impotent.

3.  What the most popular talk show hosts are doing wrong (you may be making this same mistake).

4.  What one thing owners should do to reinvent talk radio to stop the damage – and best of all, it won’t cost an additional cent.  They’re not going to take this advice, but there is nothing stopping you.

5.  The critical secret to getting young people to listen to a reinvented version of talk radio.

6.  How long does talk radio have?  How long does radio have?

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