Radio’s Dark, Dirty Secrets Exposed

New initiatives, partnerships, best practices – that’s the deceiving lingo of radio consolidators who are operating themselves into bankruptcy.

But there are dark, dirty secrets they would rather have the public not know because it shows how clueless they really are.

A nationwide network of newstipsters has exposed what consolidators think would be better not said.

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  1. How Cumulus offers some of its people “employee pricing”.
  2. Why KABC’s Larry Elder should work on his resume.
  3. What one radio company in a major market is telling its employees to keep them working for peanuts.  
  4. How a major station secretly tried to fudge Hurricane Sandy storm coverage and got caught.
  5. Which radio group is running 16-18 minutes of commercials hour after hour and still losing money.  You’ll never guess this one.
  6. How Clear Channel makes its long-term talent contracts shortterm – revealed here.  CBS may be doing it, too.

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