Radio’s Best Way To Use Social Media

I’m asked this question constantly – how should radio and recording artists use social media?

The answers are clear.

Not the way most radio stations and bands use it.

You see, radio is used to adding on digital even as they make their on-air programming less compelling by removing popular personalities, doing vanilla voice tracking and importing syndicated programs from out of the market.

So, before I answer the question – and you’ll like the answer because you can take my advice and try it right now – some context.

What’s on the air should not be on your digital platforms. 

I know many people hate when I say this but think about it – a small percentage of listeners actually listen to a radio stream.  By making that your digital strategy you lose twice.  On-air is separate.  Online and mobile is different.  If you’ll give me that, look at this great strategy I have for you.

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